Need to Sell Your Catalytic Converter?

Sell to a state-licensed recycler in Troy, ME

Without a catalytic converter, cars would release harmful fumes into the environment at record speed. This key part traps and cleans those fuels before they're released-lessening their impact on the air we breathe. Unfortunately, when cars are totaled or abandoned, redeemable parts like the catalytic converter often go to waste.

Daddy And Daughters Metal Recycling accepts catalytic converters for cash and sells them to refineries in the area. Since we're a state-licensed recycler, we have the knowledge and credentials needed to carry out this service.

We recycle catalytic converters at our shop in Troy, ME. Call today to receive your free estimate.

Discover how we recycle catalytic converters

Discover how we recycle catalytic converters

What happens when you recycle a catalytic converter? After you sell us your converter, we take it to a refinery where it's refurbished. Once it's finished, they'll sell it to car manufacturers in the area. This reduces waste and helps you lessen your environmental impact on the planet.

Please note that you must have a valid photo identification to sell catalytic converters. Reach out to our team in Troy, ME right away to sell your part. We're now paying top-dollar for catalytic converters from Ford vehicles.