Searching for a Place to Recycle a Car near Troy, ME?

Turn to Daddy And Daughters Metal Recycling

Is your junk car taking up space on your property? Do you want to get rid of it, but don't have access to a tow truck? Have no fear. Daddy And Daughters Metal Recycling is here to help. Recycle your car with ease when you take advantage of our convenient pickup service. We have the tools and machinery required to get the job done.

Need to know where to sell junk cars in the Troy, ME areas? Daddy And Daughters Metal Recycling has you covered. The payout you receive is based on your car's parts. Call today to receive your estimate.

Get rid of that junk car

Get rid of that junk car

If you're searching for where to sell junk cars, you've come to the right place. We'll take your junker off of your hands at an affordable rate. Consider our payout rates below:

Complete Cars with factory exhaust, battery, and 4 wheels:

  • delivered $500.00
  • picked up $350.00

Incomplete Vehicles without factory exhaust:
  • delivered (drained: radiator hose cut) $100.00 Per Ton
    (undrained: radiator hose still intact) $90.00 Per Ton
  • picked up $100.00
  • missing motor and/or transmission $50.00

If complete vehicles are missing a battery deduct $10.00 from buying price, if car is missing 2-4 wheels (steel or aluminum) deduct $50.00

Vehicles 2004 & Newer are REQUIRED to have a title.

Please keep in mind that all pickups must be within a 40-mile radius of Troy, ME. Call now to learn how you can recycle a car.