Sell Precious Metals for Cash in Troy, ME

Get cash for your unused parts and materials

If you're searching for a place to sell precious metals, Daddy And Daughters Metal Recycling is just the company for you. We accept copper, brass and aluminum. You can also bring us car batteries, alternators and starters.

Curious about where to sell aluminum or other precious metals in the Troy, ME area? Daddy And Daughters Metal Recycling accepts your precious metals with open arms. Contact our team right away to receive your free estimate.

Find out what we pay for your precious metals

Find out what we pay for your precious metals

Stop wondering where to sell precious metals and start working with Daddy And Daughters Metal Recycling. Our pricing is as follows:

Bare Bright 3.00/3.20 Big Rig Rims (No Tires) .55 
#1 Copper 2.85/3.05 Stainless Steel (Clean) .20 
#2 Copper 2.60/2.80 Lead .45 
Yellow/Mixed Brass 1.75/1.95 Batteries (Car/Truck) 5.00 EA 
Red/Comp Brass 2.10/2.30 Batteries (Non-Car/Truck) .13 
Dirty Brass/Copper .70 Alternators .40 
ICW (Insulated Copper Wire) .90/1.10 Starters .28 
Wiring Harness .80/1.00 Electric Motors .16 
Brass Radiators 1.55/1.75 Rotors (Per Ton) 210 PT 
Brass/Copper Mix 1.80 #1 Steel (Prepared, Per Ton) 175 PT 
Copper/Aluminum Mix 1.40 #1 Steel (Unprepared, Per Ton) 125 PT 
Dirty Copper/Aluminum Mix 1.00 Drained Cars (Radiator hose cut, Per Ton) 100 PT 
Transmission w/o pan (Irony) .08 Undrained Cars (Radiator hose intact ,Per Ton) 90 PT 
Transmission w/ pan (Tin) .03   
Extrusions (Clean EXT/6061) .50   
Aluminum Radiators/Sheet (Clean) .25   
Aluminum Radiators/Sheet (Dirty) .08   
Irony Aluminum .08   
Aluminum Rims (Clean) .85   
Aluminum Rims w/ Tire 12.00 EA

Now that you know where to sell aluminum in the Troy, ME area call now to receive your free estimate.